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As founder of LeRoss Media, David’s mission is to create outstanding video content at a competitive budget, bringing you more views, clicks, and likes.  David’s unique career path found him studying cinematography on the job under the tutelage of Hollywood director of photography George Hosek CSC. Experience earned over the last fifteen years has brought David, and LeRoss Media, to direct; produce; shoot; edit; and manage projects of every size.

David LeRoss – Production

Gabreïl Spiegelscrift is a tour-de-force punk artist and award-winning filmmaker, dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Unlike most boys who choose the dance path, Gabreïl Spiegelschrift never wanted to be a fairy prince nor princess – King of the Thieves was a loftier goal! This country-boy-cum-street-punk dropped out of Art School at 16 to begin a continuing journey in contemporary dance. He has created what Dance International called “gutsy and distinct” live performances and award winning dance film projects that have been presented and broadcasted throughout North America and Europe.  He translates this distinctive brand into eye-popping cinematic and graphic visuals for every client project. Gabreïl spearheads his company, homotechnologicus.com and has been working with Leross Media as Creative Director since 2021.

Gabreïl Spiegelscrift – Creative Director

Every project need an extra edge. James Malcolm’s judicious use of everything from vintage to state of the art equipment allows him to create an unparalleled sonic experience for your piece. Put his three decades of experience to work for you, whether in on set sound and live music recording to mixing, surround sound and mastering. Every end product showcases the technical skills and attention to detail  of this end-to-end audio engineer.

James Malcolm – Audio Engineer

Kathleen Hoffmann is one to watch!  She is a young filmmaker with a hunger for truth and justice. She joined the Leross Media team in 2020 as a production assistant and junior editor, and flexed her editing chops with Dr. Josephine Lombardi’s debut film, The First Lady and Her Successors

Along with her passion for storytelling and the visual arts, Kathleen brings the energy and inquisitive nature of a seasoned professional.  

Kathleen Hoffmann – Production

With a wealth of experience working at international advertising agencies and Canadian broadcasters, Madonna Lee serves a diverse clientele with a blend of innovative analytical approaches and genuine creativity. She joined LeRoss Media as Marketing Director in 2019 and is responsible for creative development of all marketing strategy and executions. Prior to joining our team, Madonna worked as Creative Director at Young and Rubicam Advertising and Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising (Hong Kong) before moving to Canada in 1997 and serving as Marketing Manager at Rogers Wireless and later Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation.

Madonna Lee – Marketing Director

“To reveal an innovative idea with creative communication; to engage minds with the same vision and expectation.” – Madonna Lee

On set for "As I have done" Nairobi, Kenya Photos By: Esmeralda Blasi