Brand Showcase

Burly Knits (2019)

Burly Knits product photography and social media content

LeRoss Media was tasked with creating a product photography catalogue of Burly Knits’ hand-made luxury goods. This was followed up with filming and editing a high-impact web commercial and a photo shoot for use at trade shows and on social media.


LeRoss Media successfully launched a short marketing campaign for The First Lady and Her Successors, and it’s companion e-book, “Living with the Rosary: Expanded Edition”, a month from its premiere date on May 13, 2021.

The following were implemented for this campaign:

– The Film’s Trailer
– A press release
– Successfully establishing a brand image with the stained glass window provided by Dr. Lombardi. This brand image appears not only in the marketing but also prominently in each interview in the documentary
– A dual social media campaign featuring quotes from the e-book and the personalities who appeared in the film.

The marketing campaign efforts drew huge traffic to Dr. Lombardi’s website, where the film was made exclusively available for viewing. Hosting the video on her website also offered viewers the chance to peruse her books, blog and other videos, as well as discovering future events on her calendar.

The marketing materials were created with longevity in mind.  They will be used at upcoming book fairs and conferences once the COVID-19 Lockdowns are over. The target audience for the book and the films is Catholic women, and the success of the documentary and e-book will benefit viewers and readers alike.