Feature Length Productions


The First Lady and Her Successors is a feature length documentary about women following in the footsteps of Mary of Nazareth. Production on the film commenced in July 2020 with principal filming in Vancouver and Ontario. Director-Producer Dr. Josephine Lombardi guided the film into post-production starting in January 2021. Our editing and marketing teams also spanned Ontario and Vancouver.  Kathleen Hoffmann edited the film and David LeRoss edited the trailer and promotional materials under the direction of Madonna Lee.  LeRoss Media successfully launched a short marketing campaign for The First Lady and Her Successors, and it’s companion e-book, “Living with the Rosary: Expanded Edition”, a month from its premiere date on May 13, 2021.

The following were implemented for this campaign:

– The Film’s Trailer
– A press release
– Successfully establishing a brand image with the stained glass window provided by Dr. Lombardi. This brand image appears not only in the marketing but also prominently in each interview in the documentary
– A dual social media campaign featuring quotes from the e-book and the personalities who appeared in the film.

The marketing campaign efforts drew huge traffic to Dr. Lombardi’s website, where the film was made exclusively available for viewing. Hosting the video on her website also offered viewers the chance to peruse her books, blog and other videos, as well as discovering future events on her calendar.

The marketing materials were created with longevity in mind.  They will be used at upcoming book fairs and conferences once the COVID-19 Lockdowns are over. The target audience for the book and the films is Catholic women, and the success of the documentary and e-book will benefit viewers and readers alike.

The film can be viewed at: www.josephinelombardi.com

Crisis in Care (2021)

Crisis in Care (2021) is a Guiding Star Productions film directed by David Hurford. The film examining the disconnect between government policies and the needs of old-age care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. David LeRoss was the cinematographer and editor on this film and edited the trailer for the film. Production took place in the Metro Vancouver area with a special emphasis on North Vancouver, the epicentre of the crisis in the care homes. 

Weed0nomics (2021)

Weed0nomics (2021) is a Guiding Star Productions film directed by Scott Allan.  This documentary exposes the shortcomings of cannabis legalization in Canada, and how many family farmers were left out in the cold while politicians got rich. David LeRoss was the cinematographer and editor on this film and edited the trailer for the film. Principal photography took place across the province of British Columbia, including Metro Vancouver and the Kootenay Region.

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