Client Projects

the first lady and her successors

The First Lady and Her Successors (Interior Castle Productions): A documentary about women following in the footsteps of Mary of Nazareth. Production, Post-production and Marketing services provided by LeRoss Media.

Crisis in Care

Crisis in Care (Guiding Star Productions): A documentary exposing the  multitudinous failures that contributed to a high death rate in long-term care homes from COVID-19. Cinematography and Editing by David LeRoss.


Weed0nomics (Guiding Star Productions): A feature-length documentary featuring farmers and professionals on the frontier of cannabis legalization in British Columbia. Cinematography and Editing by David LeRoss. (trailer coming soon)

as i have done

As I Have Done (Salt and Light Media): A three-part documentary series about Catholic nuns in Africa. Cinematography by David LeRoss. 

just saying

Just Saying (Choice42): David LeRoss filmed a dozen or so of the bitingly satirical short films produced by Choice42.